Teachings of Mother knocked on the door to my closed mind


I used to suffer from an inferiority complex and victim mentality because of my negative thoughts about everything. And because of this problem, my social life did not go smooth. So I quit my job and prepared to take the civil service exam for a year, but I failed. I could not find another job and as I was wandering around aimlessly, I fell into a bout of depression. After wasting 3 years of my life, I came to hear the truth through my older sister. I did not pay attention to the Church which my sister attended, thinking that it was just one of numerous denominations out there. But after watching a disaster movie, I came to think about seeking God.

I received the truth at WMSCOG and attended worship services a few times, but nothing really inspired me. However, there was something that knocked on the door to my closed mind—that was the “Teachings of Mother.”

“Arrogance comes from a mind full of complaint. When we serve God always with gratitude in our hearts, complaint and arrogance recede from us, and humility dwells in our hearts.”

“. . . Having the mind of a master allows us to work with pleasure and ease.”

The Teachings of Mother came out through the Church intercom before the worship service, and on that day the meaning of each and every teaching of Mother was inscribed on my mind, bringing light to my dark heart. Sometime later, one of Korea’s most famous celebrities committed suicide, which shocked our society. When people were talking about the celebrity’s death, it did not feel like they were talking about somebody else because I had also once thought about giving up on my life. ‘Even though I depart this life because my life is miserable, how dreadful it would be if the judgment of my soul awaits me!’ When I thought about the matter of the soul seriously, I wanted to get closer to God. The more often I went to WMSCOG, the more convinced I became of the truth. My depression completely disappeared and I became anxious to deliver this good truth to someone.

I showed one of my friends a monthly magazine which introduced our Church as well my own written poem containing my gratitude towards Elohim. My friend was surprised to see that I had changed into such a bright person, and she showed interest in the truth and became a child of God soon. Then one day I preached Heavenly Mother and the Passover to a person sitting next to me on the subway, and she gladly came to Zion and received Heavenly Mother. Not everyone who heard the truth was reborn into a new life, but as I prayed to God earnestly for each and every soul without giving up, even a friend of mine who kept refusing to hear the truth changed her mind. I was so joyful and happy. I have never been as happy as I am now. Sometimes, I feel hurt and disappointed because of my arrogant and envious mind toward other brothers and sisters. Whenever I feel that way, the Teachings of Mother guide me properly as a spiritual compass.

God’s grace shown to me is so great that I can’t thank enough even though I give thanks continuously every day. In order to repay Elohim for Their amazing grace, I want to devote myself to finding my lost brothers and sisters and become a tree that bears much fruit.

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One thought on “Teachings of Mother knocked on the door to my closed mind

  • November 24, 2016 at 12:15 am

    Only the teaching of Elohim God, God the Father and Mother, can revive our dying soul. Thanks to Father and Mother.


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