I Realized the Heart of Mother Through the Gospel Work

Let me introduce a beautiful Fragrance of Zion of the member of WMSCOG.

Until I became a university student, I had attended a Protestant Church very diligently. After I got married, I sometimes felt like going to church again, but I couldn’t because my husband’s family were Buddhists.

When I was getting all bored with my monotonous life, we moved to a different city for my husband’s work. As it was my first time to leave my hometown, I was a little worried but excited as well. I was going to church when I had the chance. A few months later, I met some members from the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG).

When I heard the words of the Bible from them, everything sounded so new that it even made me feel like I had not known anything about the Bible during all those years I had believed in God. I thought that I should study the words with them a little more and find out whether or not it was the truth. So I continued to study the Bible with them.

Until I received the truth, I didn’t know how blessed I was. Studying the words and seeing the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Bible, I realized the value of the blessings that I had received and I was so shocked. I wanted to preach this truth to my family, friends and everybody I knew.

It seemed like everyone I knew was a heavenly family member who would be led to God through me, because I thought that there was no way that people could not understand this perfect truth. I tried to preach to a neighbor who was a Protestant, but she strongly denied the truth when I told her that I was from the Church of God. Since my preaching ability was not good, I could not fully explain to her the truth, and we had to end our conversation like that.

That night, I cried so much. I felt ashamed of myself because I could not explain the truth clearly enough to the soul who was denying the truth for no reason, and I also felt bad for the soul who turned her face away from the truth. When I thought about how Heavenly Mother must feel, seeking Her children and taking care of every one of them for such a long time, the love of Mother, which I had known with my head, seemed to be echoing in my heart.

As I began to preach the truth, understanding a little bit of God the Mother’s heart, my youngest sister received the truth, and then my second younger sister was led to God. In the invisible world, God greatly helped my second younger sister receive the truth. During my first Autumn Feasts, she called me and said that she wanted to visit me. Since she lived so far away, we didn’t really have a chance to meet. She said that the reason she wanted to visit me was that she had met some people a few days before and watched a video about God the Mother. Then she remembered me and my youngest sister.

She thought that the secret we seemed to have might be God the Mother. Like that, she came to my house, realized the secret of the kingdom of heaven, and received the blessing of new life on that very same day. There was nothing I did until my younger sisters were led to the truth. In order to repay God the Father and Mother for the blessing that They gave freely, I tried all the more to find our lost brothers and sisters.

I introduced the Church of God to a mom of my daughter’s friend, and she said that she had been praying to help her know about God correctly because she felt something was missing even though she was attending a church. But the joy didn’t last that long. While studying the truth, she said that she didn’t want to keep studying the truth because she was too confused. Although I eagerly asked her to listen to the truth a little more since it was a matter of salvation, she still refused to listen.

I felt more heartbroken because she was looking for God. Then one day, she told me that she was moving to a different area and asked me if there was any Church of God there. It seemed like she had thought about it a lot. She changed her mind and was blessed to be born as God’s child a week before she moved. Even when I was thinking that it was impossible to lead her to the truth, God was still knocking on the door of her heart.

She grew in faith in the area where she moved, and now she is carrying out her mission as an evangelist. She is so passionate for the gospel that she has led her husband, her three younger sisters and her parents, and she is still bearing a lot of fruit. I can’t describe with words how much love God the Mother has given me since I received the truth. I will always give thanks to God the Mother for Their grace, and diligently seek our lost heavenly family members whom we haven’t found yet.

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0 thoughts on “I Realized the Heart of Mother Through the Gospel Work

  • February 24, 2016 at 10:42 pm

    I still remember the day when I learned the truth of God the Mother for the first time in the WMSCOG.
    It was so great and touched my heart.
    God the Mother exists and She even came to the earth in the flesh to rescue my soul, leaving behind the glorious heavenly kingdom. The fact that God the Mother came to me was beyond explanation!

  • February 25, 2016 at 12:38 am

    Knowing God in correct way is the most important thing which we have to do in our short life for our eternal life in heaven and realizing God the Mother is the true way for knowing God, the savior of our soul


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