I, too, Hold Others’ Hands First

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It is said that women in their twenties are the flowers of life. However, my flower buds withered without blooming even once. Before I got married, I spent my days taking care of my mother in sickbed, and after marriage, I raised my four children and also supported my parents all by myself. Only hopeless things befell me.

However, I did not rely on anyone or anything like a religion because I had been thinking that I should overcome hardships all by myself. When the people around me tried to handle their difficult situations by relying on their religious beliefs, they looked so weak. I thought that it would be better for them to find their own way to solve the problems than just pray in their churches. The hypocritical attitude of Christians, who looked godly outwardly but spoke ill of each other behind their backs, also made me have a negative view on religion.

Around the time when I became stable after many hard times, I heard about God the Mother from some people. While listening to them, I remembered that someone else had told me the same thing before. What was amazing was that I, who used to hate religion, felt comfortable after hearing about God the Mother. A few days later, I bumped into them again. They said that their church was holding an event and that they wanted to invite me to the event. Saying that, they held my hand warmly, and it helped me open my closed mind.

When I arrived at their church, a bazaar was being held. Actually I thought that I would feel awkward because I had never attended such an event, but I felt so comfortable and warm there. After looking around the bazaar joyfully hand in hand with them, I started to study the Bible. It was the first time in my life that I learned God’s words correctly and carefully through the Bible. That day I received the blessing of a new life.

Since I had always been an atheist, I didn’t come to have faith all of a sudden or believe the words of the Bible completely. However, I found it interesting to learn the words of the Bible, and I couldn’t wait for the next time to study. The members cared for me even in the smallest things, and it touched my heart deeply. Even those who were younger than me were so considerate and confident.

I am still not good at expressing my emotions, but now I, too, hold others’ hands first and sometimes hug them. If those who know what kind of person I used to be before see me now, they will be very surprised. Everything I do now is what I have seen and learned in Zion (WMSCOG). If I had not met the members, I would have been still living a sinful life in this world, just piling up my sins without even knowing that I am a heavenly child. I am truly thankful to the members for having led me to Zion on behalf  of  Father and Mother.

Since I moved to another region recently, there are not many people whom I know now, and I have not learned much about the Bible yet. However, I feel like preaching the truth to other people. Whenever I see someone, I think to myself, ‘It would be so great if I can lead that person to Zion,’ even though I am unable to preach the words of the Bible fluently. I’d like to share the words of life and the warm love of Mother with someone who is having a hard time. In Zion I have come to have a purified mind. I want other people to have a cleansed, purified heart, too.

In the warm embrace of Mother, I feel so comfortable and safe. I truly give thanks to Heavenly Mother for comforting our hearts that are weary through the storms of life in this world and for giving us Her warm, true love.

Y.S. from Korea

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0 thoughts on “I, too, Hold Others’ Hands First

  • March 11, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    Such a beautiful fragrance thanks to God Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother.

  • March 31, 2016 at 7:36 pm

    Truly beautiful change of life thru Mother love. Our heavenly Mother is truly life, joy, happiness and comfort.
    Without Mother, the world is lifeless….


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