Let’s cheer up a little more and get to the top

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I am not the type of person who likes hiking, while my husband loves it so much. About 10 years ago, my husband took me and our three-year-old daughter to a mountain even though we didn’t want to go. I continued to grumble, but he kept persuading me to go the whole way there. Being considerate of us, he chose an easy course. Walking along the trail through the forest was not hard at all; I felt very refreshed because the sky was very clear.

After walking a little while longer, we reached a steep path. From then on, I started grumbling and asked him to go back, but he kept pulling me, saying that we were going to get to the top very soon. Then our daughter, who had been doing a good job following her dad, suddenly began to cry and called for me. So I had no choice but to climb up the mountain while holding her hand. Then my attitude changed completely. I only focused on her, worrying that she might hurt herself or become too tired. While doing so, I didn’t have time to think of my own tiredness.

When I was walking up alone, I kept complaining and grumbling and gave my husband a hard time. But as I began to walk while holding my daughter’s hand, I tried to encourage her when she grumbled, by saying to her,

“Let’s cheer up a little more and get to the top.”

This happened a long time ago, but now it has become a great realization that helps me have more fuel for my mission to take care of the souls of my brothers and sisters. When I had immature faith and just took care of my own faith, even small troubles seemed so big that I felt like giving up on my faith many times. However, as I began to take care of other members’ faith, all the problems which felt very big to me before seemed like nothing, and now I myself encourage the members who are having a hard time.

At first, I thought it would be too hard for me to take care of so many brothers and sisters. However, because I have those brothers and sisters whom I have to take care of, I come to depend on Father and Mother even more and I feel that my faith is being refined and growing stronger through them. Now I can see the kingdom of heaven right in front of me. I will reach there, loving my brothers and sisters more than I love myself, hand in hand together with them.

G.J. fromKorea

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  • March 14, 2016 at 5:05 pm

    As Christ Ahnsahnghong is always with us to the very end of the age and Heavenly Mother encourages us, let’s Animo, animo, animo, cheer up and always have faith in our Spiritual Parents!


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