What My Father Boasts of

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A few days after I bought him the clothes, a regular customer came to the restaurant. Then, my father took out the clothes, put it on and boasted about it.

“Dad, are you ready?”
“Um, you should go with your mom!”
“We’ll buy mom’s clothes, too. Hurry up.”

I wanted to buy my parents’ clothes with the money I had earned through my part time job, so I rushed to them as soon as I came home. Though my parents said that as a student how much money could I possibly have and that it would be better to use the money for my own purposes, I persuaded them to head to a clothing store that I had already looked around in. Though I was a student, I wanted to present a gift to them this time at the thought that I’d hardly done anything for them up until this day.

First, we chose the clothes that my father would wear. However, the shop assistant said that it was not a warm fabric and recommended something else. The clothes the clerk recommended was very light and warm and fit nicely on my father.

‘This winter will be very cold. If possible, I should buy him these warm clothes.’

However, the problem was money. At a glance, the clothes looked expensive. If I bought it, it would be difficult to buy my mother any clothes. After thinking it over, I decided to buy mother’s clothes next month. So we came back home only after buying my father’s clothes.

On the holidays, my father usually helps my mother run the restaurant. Among some customers, there are my father’s acquaintances who are as close to him as a brother. A few days after I bought him the clothes, a regular customer came to the restaurant. Then, my father took out the clothes, put it on and boasted about it.

“Do you know what clothes this is? My son bought me this. It’s very expensive.”
“It looks very good. You should wear it carefully.”
“It’s too precious to wear. I’m not sure how often I can wear it. Did you say your son is still nine years old, this year? You should wait 20 years more. Hahaha!”

My father looked so happy while exchanging jokes with the customer. My mother smiled along with him, saying that he looked unusually happy.

After a while, another customer came in.

“Do you know how expensive this is? My son bought this for me.”
“Hahaha, are you boasting about your son to me?”

Despite his playful rebuke, my father kept boasting about his son. Seeing him do that, I was suddenly choked up with emotions. I just bought him some clothes, but he boasted about me so much as if I had been the best son in the world. I was thankful to my father for thinking of my gift as so precious and felt sorry to him at the same time.

Up until now, I’d just received from my parents and for the first time I gave up my desire to spend the money on myself. I did not know that it would be such a great joy to my parents. It would not be any different with my Heavenly Parents. They regard a small effort from Their children as big, and grant us the great blessing of heaven that is beyond comparison.

During my life of faith, I presented nothing to my Heavenly Parents on the pretext that I’m lacking in many ways. I would like to be a good son whom Heavenly Father and Mother are proud of, by doing what They are pleased with first rather than doing something for my own joy.

O. S. from Korea
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  • March 29, 2016 at 10:07 am

    Parents are most proud of their children and it is the same with our heavenly parents Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother. They are most proud of us, Their greatest creations!


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