The change started when I met God

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It’s been six months now since my life changed. The change started when I met God.

Last September, I met some Asians who said they were preaching the words of the Bible. It was already surprising to see Asians preaching because I used to think that Asians had nothing to do with Christianity but what was more surprising was the truth of the Bible that they taught me. The existence of God and the angelic world which seemed to be vague was real.

The Zion in Slovakia was small in size, but it felt warm and comfortable. I had been to the Catholic Church, but the atmosphere was totally different from Zion. I was merely a guest in the Catholic Church, but in Zion I could feel that I was one of them. This difference was very huge. Of course, when I came to Zion for the first time, I felt somewhat awkward and doubtful; I couldn’t understand their same smile towards me. Now I know the meaning of the smile; they were pleased to see me becoming a heavenly family member, and they welcomed me from their heart. Now I smile likewise.

After receiving the truth, many parts of my life changed. First of all, I kept the feasts of God. The feasts breathed the power of life into my soul and increased my heavenward hope. One more change was that I wanted to visit Korea, the country which I barely knew anything about before. It was because Heavenly Mother was there.

Not long after, I was able to visit Korea as I wished. Zions in Korea, too, were filled with happy smiles like that in Slovakia. I even thought naturally, “Maybe Koreans are in nature bright and kind” because brothers and sisters in Zion had good personalities. While I was in Korea, I emailed my father and wrote that Korea is a country of kindness and overflowing laughter.

Korean food was also good, especially the seafood. In Slovakia there is no sea, but in Korea it was very nice because I could see the sea and ate delicious seafood. But no matter how great the joy was, it could not be compared with how much I was moved by meeting God.

Before accepting the truth, I had never heard about God the Mother, not even once. I am sure that most of the Slovakians have not heard of Her. I am grateful for our brothers and sisters who came from Korea to Slovakia to teach us about Heavenly Mother. There are still many things to learn in Zion. From now on, I’d like to learn the will of God constantly and continue this joy.

M. D. from Slovakia

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