Apple orchard

Pictured by wmscog, Cute toddler going down a ladder with an ripe apple
My in-laws started an apple orchard this year. Since I did not know a lot about farming, I just thought, ‘Sowing seeds and applying fertilizer at the right time will bring forth a fruitful harvest.’ However, I was wrong.

The apples hanging on the branches outside receive enough sunlight and grow well, but those hanging on the inside or on the lower part of the trees do not grow well because of the lack of sunlight. So there is something that farmers have to do when apples become mature to some degree. That is to place reflective film under the trees. The sunlight that is reflected from the film is conveyed to every part of each tree, and even the apples in the shadows of the tree can ripen well enough to look appetizing.

God shines the light of love on the whole world. However, there are still many fruits hidden in the places where the gospel has not yet reached. I think that more hands are needed to harvest those fruits. My duty is to reflect the light, which I have received from God, to the fruits hidden in every place around the world.

Just as it is the sunlight, not the reflective film, that gives life to the trees and makes them grow to produce fruit, it is impossible to save a soul with my own strength and ability. As a child of God the Mother, I want to convey God the Mother’s love fully to all people, throwing away my own thoughts and arrogance.

IL Oh from Korea

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