Concern about his family even while he's dying

Pictured by wmscog, Vintage photo of Father
Recently, my mother-in-law called me, and said that she had found a letter that my father-in-law left before he passed away from stomach cancer five years ago.

It reads, “I’ve wished my children well all my life, and did not mind doing any kind of work for them. Now facing death, I feel my life seems so meaningless and vain. I want to say sorry to everybody for not taking good care of them. Thank you, everybody …”

From my father-in-law’s letter that my mother-in-law read to me, I could feel how bad he felt about his wife who was going to be left alone, and how worried he was about his children. It touched my heart so much since I could see the exhausting life of all the parents who sacrifice themselves for their children all their lives and try to give everything they have to their children even till the last moment.

My father-in-law was very attentive and full of love. Even when he found out that he was dying from cancer, which was like a sentence of death for him, he thought about how to give more things to his children and felt bad about being unable to give more.

He reminds me of our Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong who walked the gospel path day and night to prepare a smooth path of the gospel for us. Doing the hard work of breaking stones, His body became exhausted, but He stayed up all night, lifting His tired eyelids, and wrote the books of truth. How can we fully fathom Father’s love for us that He showed through every single word in His books of truth?

I will engrave Father’s love on my heart and be united with brothers and sisters with a more mature faith, so that I can help God the Mother who has been left alone.

JY Lee from Korea

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