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I graduated from high school this year, and took my first step into society. I was a bit worried about starting a social life early, but on the other hand, I was proud and excited to get a job quickly. By the way, I did not have any proper clothing to wear even after a few days of work because I had always worn school uniforms. To help me, two of my superiors at work accompanied me to a discount clothing store near our office. Thanks to them, I could find something that I really liked. By this, I became close to my manager who goes to the World Mission Society Church of God.

I went to church since I was in elementary school, and I was confident that I had a deep faith. However, when I had conversations about faith and religion with my manager, I felt ashamed of myself because I did not know any basic things about religious life such as the reason of why I believed in God, the way to be saved and so on.

Following my manager, I went to the WMSCOG in Bundang. I was quite surprised, watching the church introduction video. Usually people make a pilgrimage to Israel where Jesus was born and call it the Holy Land, but in the video numerous foreigners came to Korea not to go sightseeing but for their faith. When I confirmed the Sabbath day, the Passover, God the Mother, and the regulation about the women’s veil in the Bible, I could understand why foreigners wanted to come to this church. It was very clear even with common sense that the worship day is Saturday. It was undeniable at all. I always wondered why churches erected the cross which killed Jesus. So when I studied that cross-reverence is idolatry, I even felt refreshed. I thought that I would be able to believe in God rightly in this church, following the teachings of God, so I accepted the truth right away.

That day was the Sabbath day. I was surprised again during the Sabbath day service which I kept for the first time. I’d neither read those many verses in the Bible during service, nor had I seen a preacher who explained the teachings of God clearly by showing verses one by one from the Bible, though I had been going to church for a long time. The sermon spoke to me so well. Since that time, I go straight to Zion every Sabbath day.

It is because I want to meet the brothers who have treated me like a real brother from the first day when I came to Zion. But moreover, the One who leads my heart is Heavenly Mother. I have lived only with my father since I was young. I’ve never seen my mom’s face. Maybe that’s why I feel a kind of warmness whenever I see Mother; I think if I had a mom, I would feel this way. During the time that I stay here, I am joyful all day long.

The past New Year’s day, I visited my uncle’s house and aunt’s house after a very long time in place of my father who worked even during the holiday. When I was having a meal at my aunt’s, my aunt who was sitting next to me whispered in my ear,

“Do you go to church?”

She must’ve seen me praying before eating. I told her that I was attending the Church of God, then she suddenly grabbed my hands tightly.

“I go there, too, with all my family members!”

How can I describe my feeling at that time with words? We hugged each other and cried for joy. I only said, “Thank you,  Mother!” My aunt said that she and her daughter were praying for me from a few days ago after they heard that I would visit them. It was truly a very happy holiday. After the holiday, my father who visited my aunt’s also became a member of the heavenly family. I had preached to him many times before, but he did not listen. However, he followed my aunt and accepted the truth like a mild lamb.

I am already excited at the thought of keeping services with my father. I truly give thanks to God who prepared all the blessings for me even though I did not know, and who has allowed me to go on the journey of faith toward heaven together with my loving father.

JH Kim from Korea
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  • June 6, 2016 at 11:57 pm

    I hope all my family go to Church of God n to heaven. Now,i’ll preach the gospel abt Christ Ahnsahnghong n God the Mother. Plz save my family

  • June 7, 2016 at 6:24 pm

    I can imagine your feeling. I’ll also do my best to love my family, trying to lead them to salvation.


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