Unity With Brothers and Sisters

Pictured by wmscog, Happy sibling
I came to Canada to study when I was a high school student. Since then, I have been living apart from my family for several years. While living abroad alone at my young age, I had many difficulties. Whenever I felt lonely, I called my family in Korea to console myself.

However, I gradually felt awkward when I talked to my younger brother over the phone, perhaps because we had been living apart for a long time. My parents worried that my brother and I would become alienated, so they finally decided to send my brother to study in Canada where I was. Living with a family member was not always a good thing. Actually, my brother and I had frequently fought since our childhood days. We fought so often that whenever our relatives saw us, they would ask us if we were still fighting.

There were more things to fight about in Canada. Since we were apart from our parents, who would always mediate between us, we fought more often. After fighting, we were busy calling our parents to complain and talk about things that had happened.

“You’re older than your brother. Can’t you be more considerate of him?”

“You’re younger than your sister. You need to listen to her, okay?”

My parents would talk to me and my brother individually. Since I was so mad right after the fight, I felt hurt when my parents did not take my side. However, as time passed by, I felt very sorry toward my parents. How sad would they feel when they thought about their children who always fought each other while being far away from home?

In actuality, my mother said she used to cry because of us. While we were making complaints to our parents in order to resolve our anger, they were suffering lots of distress. When I thought about my parents’ minds, I felt slightly sorry toward my brother. In fact, I was somewhat angry with my brother who would not listen to me or yield anything for me, but when I thought about myself, I was no different, either; I did not try to understand my one and only brother, nor did I take good care of him. Although I often fought with him, if I did not get to see him for a while or something happened to him, I felt very worried about him.

“When we hear that you are doing well together, we are so happy throughout the week.”

My parents always say this after asking us if we are getting along, whenever I call them. When will I become mature and relieve my parents’ worry? Spiritually I am also still immature. As the Bible says, “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity” (Ps 133:1), God is pleased when we are united. However, I often behaved in a narrow-minded way even in Zion(WMSCOG), as I usually did to my brother at home.

My brothers and sisters whom I have met after a 6,000-year-long separation! All of them are Mother’s precious gifts to me, whom I miss so much when I am apart from them. Without realizing how precious they are to me, I sometimes did not unite with them, and it caused Mother much worry. For this I feel so sorry towards God the Mother. From now on, according to the example of love Heavenly Mother has shown me, I want to become one with my brothers and sisters in love, so that I can please Mother as Her good daughter.

CY Lee from Canada
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  • June 9, 2016 at 7:05 am

    Our brothers and sisters in Zion are the spiritual ones who are given the flesh and the blood of God. I want to share Mother’s love with our members in Zion.


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