Instinctive yearning for my God the Mother

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I had lived with my father since my childhood days, so I was always yearning for my mother. When I grew up, I got married and gave birth to a child. Whenever I went through such a major life event, I felt the absence of my mother more deeply than ever before. When I saw a good-natured lady, I even thought that it would be really good if she could become my new mom. If it was possible to buy a mother, I wanted to do so.

When I heard the words of the Bible through some people from the Church of God, I was greatly surprised. From my childhood to my high school days I had attended a Protestant church; I was so ardent about my church that I served as a youth group leader and a Sunday school teacher as well, playing the piano during worship services. So, it was a big shock to me that there is no Biblical support for Sunday observance or Christmas. What was more shocking than everything else was the fact that there exists God the Mother.

Through the Bible I came to realize my spiritual Mother, who saves us sinners and gives us spiritual life. Mother should have been enthroned in the highest heaven. However, She came down to this lowly earth and sacrificed Herself for us, sinners, for such a long time. My vague yearning for my mother must have been my soul’s instinctive yearning for my Heavenly Mother.

I could not just keep to myself the joyful news that Mother came to the earth. I wanted to quickly tell the good news to all people around me. So, I preached it to my husband first. He strongly opposed my going to the Church, but when he saw the members of Zion (WMSCOG) helping us move to another place as if they were doing their own work, he was very touched and opened his mind wide, saying, “I’m sure that there is something different about the Church of God.” The next day, he was born again into a new life, and he is now growing to be a good fruit, showing enthusiasm for Church work. Afterwards, my family members including my younger sister and her husband were led into the arms of Mother one after another. All this was possible thanks to God’s love and sacrifice.

Mother has been waiting so long for Her children to be found one after another. She is still waiting for the children, who realized Her love yesterday but forget it today and go astray, to repent fully. So, She cannot yet stop walking the path of sacrifice. Though I cannot fully express in words my gratitude to Mother, I would like to give thanks to Her for Her immeasurable love. And I will also follow Her path till the end.

JY Kim from Korea
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0 thoughts on “Instinctive yearning for my God the Mother

  • June 20, 2016 at 10:02 pm

    The child has instinctive yearning for Mother. If the child can not see mother from his sight, he will start to cry and feel fear.
    As the Bible says, We are children of free woman(Gal 4:26, 31). we have God the Mother. Our soul too feel instinctive yearning for Her. Because we were with Her in heaven but seperated from heaven for a long time almost 6,000 yrs. Now, I do not want to imagine the situation that I live without Her. I will follow Her til the end. Thank you Heavenly Mother for finding me from spiritual darkness !!

  • September 24, 2016 at 5:23 pm

    I’m lossing myownself in the darkness and waiting to join prostatian church.
    But Heavenly mother lead me lossing that mine difficult life;and send me a church of God’s saint(jamaenim) to preach upon me spritual Elohim God.
    Than i baptized in church of God(zion).
    I understand Heavenly Mother and study prophesies about Heavenly Mother Genesis 1:26-27,Galatians 4:26 and Revelation 22:17.
    I can’t live without Heavenly Mother.


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