When we say good things

Pictured by wmscog, Woman thinking what she will sayIn our Zion, we have some flower pots by the window where the sunlight comes straight in. One day, a sister pointed at one of them and said, “This one is a little ugly.”

Actually around those days, I was trying to say “Wow, you are pretty,” or “You are a good looking plant,” whenever I watered them. And I was thinking that they were growing well even though we didn’t give much attention to them. So when the sister said that the plant was ugly, I couldn’t keep silent.

“I heard that the plants grow well when we say good things to them.”

Then the sister apologized to the plant right away and made us all laugh.

At that time, a thought flitted through my mind. I was trying to say only good things even to the flowers and plants hoping that they will grow well although they will not last that long, but how have I been treating my brothers and sisters of Zion (WMSCOG) who will stay with me forever? When I thought about it carefully, actually I was often worried that what I had said carelessly might have hurt the brothers and sisters.

If we try to always express our love to each other through warm and comforting words, we will all grow strong in God the Father and God the Mother and bloom the flowers of eternal life which will never wither. From now on, I will obey Heavenly Mother’s teachings to love one another through beautiful words.

HW Jahng from Korea

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0 thoughts on “When we say good things

  • June 22, 2016 at 6:03 pm

    The beautiful words make ppl smile n comfortable n live. The words of God,the water of life from God the Father n God the Mother make ppl live forever

  • June 22, 2016 at 8:19 pm

    In heavenly Mother and Father Ahnsahnghong, we should change ourselves newly. As They set an example for us, sinners, we can do. I’m so happy to be led by Them to heaven. However, I am so lack of putting into practice sometimes. But, I’m going to strive to change myself. I give all thanks and praise to Elohim God who let me realize this. now.


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