Mind of Gospel which resembles God the Mother

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This happened while I was on my way to Zion (WMSCOG) for an early morning service during the prayer week of the feasts. The street where Zion is located smelled very musty. The smell was from food waste. There was food waste here and there along the path where a garbage truck had passed by.

After the worship service, I saw an elderly woman picking up the food waste, using a bucket and a broom. She was our Zion member who lives close to the church. It looked like she had brought the cleaning utensils from her house right after the service.

It seemed to me that it was going to take a long time to clean up all that food waste along the path. I approached her, and told her to go home and get some rest because the garbage truck might come back to clean it up. Then she said that she wanted to clean it up immediately because many of our members walked in that path, and said that she wanted to help the gospel work even in this way. When I saw her joyfully cleaning with a bright smile, I was reminded of Heavenly Mother who always takes the initiative in all voluntary services. She looked very beautiful in my eyes, and at the same time I felt ashamed of myself who only complained about the stench, without even thinking about cleaning it up.

Although I always learn the teaching of Christ, “Love your neighbors as yourselves,” it seems like I am still lacking in putting it into practice. I would like to resemble Heavenly Mother and live a beautiful life, doing good deeds for other people every day rather than for myself while doing the gospel of love, which is the most beautiful deed.

SJ Lee  from korea
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  • July 13, 2016 at 12:32 am

    The old lady, the member of Zion helped n served brothers n sisters even while other people didn’t take care of it. She really resembles Our Heavenly Mother. Mother always helps n serves other people more than Herself. I really thanks to God for living in thins tough world by the love n grace of Heavenly Mother and I will also be a person who is considerate towards other people!!


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