The circumstance when Father Ahnsahnghong came again

Picture by wmscog, Korea war invasion of Incheon

I once heard a story from an 87-year-old man

about the time when he was young. He was a teenager when Korea was under the rule of Japan, and he was a young man during the Korean War. His story sounded like a movie.

He said that he was once taken for forced labor and wasn’t allowed to go back home, eating millet rice mixed with little stones for a month. He also explained how he was looked down upon like an animal wherever he went and how he was always hungry. Although it happened several decades ago, he remembered all those hard times so clearly as if it had happened yesterday.

Since Heavenly Father came down to the earth a second time and prepared to preach the gospel around that time, his story didn’t sound like forgotten history.

In those days when Korea was having the most difficult time in modern history, there was probably no one who was free from hunger, scorn and contempt. Even during the period of turbulence when people could not even guarantee the safety of their own lives, our Heavenly Father worked only for the redemption of His children. How much pain must He have gone through? How eagerly must He have desired His children’s salvation, that He came to the earth and endured all those hardships even though He is Elohim God, the Ruler of the whole universe?

No matter how hard and difficult our circumstances become, they must still be better than the time when Father Ahnsahnghong preached the gospel. I will joyfully walk the path of the gospel with a thankful heart in all circumstances. That is how I will be able to repay God the Father and God the Mother, even a little bit, for Their great love and grace of having called me as Their child.

HJ Hong from  Korea
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