Although He is Very Young

Picture by wmscog, a young boy smilingLet me introduce a brother who is the busiest person in my Zion (WMSCOG). He is Brother Pasha, who received the truth along with his Russian mother a year ago.

When the brother hears the doorbell ring in Zion, he runs to the door first. Then he greets the brothers and sisters when they enter Zion and neatly arranges their shoes on the rack. When he sees a member carrying heavy shopping bags, as soon as the door opens, he hurries to help the member carry the bags to the kitchen. At mealtimes, he also helps set the table, and when the meal is ready, he calls the brothers and sisters to come and eat.

Before worship, he brings out a vacuum and asks us to clean the worship hall together. After cleaning here and there with a cloth, he hurries to help other brothers and sisters. Until just before the worship service begins, he searches here and there to see if there are any books in a mess, if everything is in order, and if there is any dust on the floor. And when he finds something out of order, he arranges it again.

Brother Pasha is now three years old. Although he is very young, we often think that he is no less than an adult when we see him do things in Zion. His mother always gives thanks to God the Father and God the Mother, saying that she can feel that Elohim God personally brings up her son upright. These days, there is a Bible verse that always keeps lingering in my mind.

“But Jesus called the children to him and said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these’ ” (Lk 18:16).

JY Kim from Turkey
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