Enthusiastic senior member like a youth


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In our Zion,

there is a senior member who is more enthusiastic than any young adult. She didn’t know how to read or write, so she couldn’t preach Elohim God’s word with verses from the Bible. Despite that, she continuously gave great courage and support to the members whenever they preached the gospel, always wearing a smile on her face and having an earnest heart.

However, as the number of gospel workers was gradually increasing, she disappeared from time to time. Quite a while later, we came to know that she had been secretly learning to read and write.

It must not have been easy for her to learn in her later years. Nevertheless, she has started learning how to read and write in order to be of more help for the gospel. She is so respectable. Now she sets an example for others by diligently studying the Bible as well as preaching the gospel and volunteering to do things for Zion.

I pray that Bootwall Zion (WMSCOG) in Nepal will be filled with such enthusiastic gospel workers like her.

MJ Kang from Bootwall, Nepal
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