Mother's attention

Pictured by wmscog, Mom and son on Bus

One hot afternoon,

I was on a bus packed with people. It was hotter inside the bus than it was outside because it was packed with people. I was seated by a woman who had a young child on her lap. The child had fallen into a deep sleep, and the woman kept fanning him and wiped the sweat off his face. She seemed worried that her child might wake up because of the heat.

When the sunlight came through the window, she tried to block the sunlight with her hand and when the bus would shake really hard, she hugged him tightly.

She paid attention only to her child until they arrived at their destination. Seeing her, I was reminded of our Heavenly Mother. I thought about how much work our Heavenly Mother must be doing to lead us to heaven. Just like the woman who continually took care of her child who was asleep, God the Mother is taking care of me through Her love while I don’t even know it. I will not forget about the boundless love of Heavenly Mother.

HH Jeong from Korea
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