Thanks to God Elohim for leading all my family to Zion (WMSCOG)

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I began to suffer from depression

while raising my child in a new city.

To soothe my depression, I attended a lecture hosted by a Protestant church. The lecture gave some comfort to my heart, but it was only temporary. As time passed by, I came to see that they were only seeking their own interests, so I stopped going there. After having my second child, my depression became even worse. It was around then that one of my friends preached the words of truth to me. Since I had already heard some slanderous remarks from people around me, I didn’t pay attention to her preaching at that time.

When my friend came to celebrate my second child’s first birthday, she introduced me to a sister from the Church of God, who came with her. She always took care of me with a bright smile. I became so close to her, and my children also liked her very much. She was willing to listen to me whenever I talked to her about my story or my feelings, and she comforted me warmly. One day my first child was hospitalized due to bacterial enteritis. Since I had never experienced anything like that, I fainted from shock. So I was also hospitalized with my child. Then she came to the hospital in a hurry and took very good care of us. At that time, she asked me to keep the Passover so I could receive God’s blessings, but I rejected her request again and told her that I just wanted to be a good friend to her.

A year passed, and one day she invited me to a Church event held in Zion.

I was deeply moved by how earnestly she had been praying for my soul for such a long time. So, I studied the words of truth of the New Covenant and became a child of God along with my two children that day. When my name was being written down in the book of life, I was worried about my husband’s soul. After work he came to pick us up, and I told him that I wanted him to be saved as well. Then he willingly received the promise of a new life. So, all my family members were born again as children of God Elohim that same day.

However, my husband flat out said that he didn’t want to go to Church of God anymore. It seemed that he couldn’t open his mind easily because he had once seen the hypocritical behaviors of the people from my previous church. However, as he met the members of Zion more and more, he seemed to be deeply touched by them. He started to study the Bible, and later he went straight to the church after work to study the Bible and read a Truth Book until late at night every day. When I was shrinking back in my life of faith, he encouraged me, saying, “Let’s go to heaven together for sure!”

These days, my family is always overflowing with thanksgiving. I’d like to give thanks to God for having saved me, and I’d also like to say thank you to my brothers and sisters of WMSCOG for not having given up on me despite my long-lasting wandering and to my loving family as well for walking the path of faith together with me. Now my husband says that it brings him to tears whenever he thinks about the blessings which God has bestowed on our family. Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother, I thank You with my whole heart. Now I will display the glory of God the Mother to many people, standing firm in faith.

EM Lee from Yongin, Korea
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  • October 15, 2016 at 11:54 pm

    I hope all my family members too are led to Zion soon! Thanks to Heavenly Father and Mother.


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