To enter the heavenly barn God Elohim has prepared

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I did the job of putting plums into boxes at my workplace.

When the harvested plums were poured out from the conveyor belt, about 15 workers stood in line and sorted the plums. The plums were sorted according to their conditions—to be thrown away, to be sent to a juice factory, or to be exported abroad as the first class products.

My job was to do the final check on the plums which were selected as the first class products. As they were already sorted as the first class products, most of the plums which came on the conveyor belt were good, but there were still some low class products.

While doing the job, I thought about Elohim God’s providence of redemption. For the long period of 6,000 years, God has been putting His whole heart and soul into the work of gathering the heavenly children who are spotless and blameless. When I did the final check on the plums, my eyes soon became tired from sorting them by paying sharp attention to them and putting them in the boxes. How much harder it must be for God the Father and God the Mother, the spiritual Farmer, to sow seeds, take care of them with all His heart, harvest good fruits, and bring them into the heavenly barn!

I will grow to be the finest fruit with patience and obedience, full of God’s love, so that I will be gathered into the heavenly barn.

JH Kim from Adelaide, Australia
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One thought on “To enter the heavenly barn God Elohim has prepared

  • October 9, 2016 at 11:31 pm

    Heavenly Father and Mother have been waiting for us to be changed for a long time. I want to be a blameless child of God quickly by putting all God’s teachings into practice so that I can enter Heaven without fail!


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