Different role given by God to complete the Gospel of the New Covenant

Pictured by wmscog, Unity

Whenever I cleaned my ears with a cotton swab,

I always wondered why we had earwax which seemed useless and dirty. One day, I read an article about the function of earwax, and it was very surprising. Earwax protects the organs in the ear against bacterial infection due to its anti-inflammatory substance. It was amazing to know how a part of our body which I regarded as useless actually protects our body.

Elohim God said that He created everything by His will. Even the earwax which I regarded as useless played an important function. How much greater must our mission and role be since we are the heavenly children in Zion (WMSCOG) whom God chose before the creation to be the heavenly royal priesthood?

God has given a different role and mission to every child. However, I often judged our brothers and sisters with my own way of thinking. It was because I did not understand that every single brother and sister was created by His will as a precious part of the body of Christ, and a member of the same family which was formed through love. From now on, I will look at all my brothers and sisters with the eyes of love, and share brotherly love with them.

SH Kim from Korea
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