I wish abundant grace of God in all things to the readers who visit this website.

The World Mission Society Church of God is a place where the saints who hope for the Kingdom of Heaven gather to follow the new covenant that Christ himself taught. However, from long ago until now Satan who is jealous of this disturbs the Church of God in every way.
Jesus Christ who came in human form according to the prophecy 2000 years ago. Jesus Christ who completed the new covenant suffered due to a scheme by the high priests, the slander of the Pharisees, the criticism of the crowds and also beaten by the soldiers. In this age the Spirit and the bride have come in the human form once again to this earth according to Biblical prophecy. Christ Ahnsahnghong who restored the new covenant which disappeared during the Dark Ages suffered from the scheme, slander and criticism of the evil ones.
People who slander the World Mission Society Church of God are spreading rumors with the purpose of disturbing Christ regardless of the age. Contrary to his first coming, nowadays the evil rumors spread through internet rapidly. We must not allow ourselves to get confused by the lies of those who are trying to deceive us.Those who are trying to deceive us create lies to sound as if they were real and post them in google blogs, YouTube and forums.
Do you know the reason why they write the slanderous posts? It is not to gain profit or for sense of justice or to become popular. This is a trap of Satan to lead at least one soul to death. I opened this website for the people who cannot distinguish the difference between the truth and what is false. I know it is a duty to meet individuals who were deceived by these lies and resolve their doubts but I hope you can feel that the words of slanderers are lie through this website.
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