Elohim God who gives me more than one chance to be saved (WMSCOG)

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After giving birth to a child, my body partly got paralyzed all of a sudden, that I had a surgery.

While I was on convalescence at home, I was frequently reminded of my elder sister who had passed away after struggling against illness for about one year; maybe it was because I became weak physically and mentally. I was depressed, feeling as if I was running toward death day after day just like my sister. Meanwhile, I got acquainted with a neighbor who attended the Church of God.

One day, I was exhausted as my baby was crying and nagging. She seemed to feel pity for me. She said tenderly, “You look too tired,” and soothed my baby. Though I was thankful, I had feeling of wariness. As several months passed by, I realized that her constant smile was sincere.

“Now tell me about your church, please!”

I listened to the words of the Bible. I thought there could be a possibility that my knowledge about the Bible would not be true. To find the answer correctly, I went to the church. That day, I received a new life.

I burst into tears when I read the words, “Pray that your flight will not take place in winter or on the Sabbath” (Mt 24:20). Up until then, I had believed that I was saved without any doubt, but it turned out that I did not even know that I had been worshiping God on the day which was not appointed by God.

Before I entered high school, I followed my aunt to her church and heard that our souls were already saved through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Being excited at the words that I would surely enter heaven, I confidently spoke about salvation to my classmate sitting next to me; she would read the Bible during the break. Then she asked me back, “Do you know about God the Mother?” I did not want to know anymore about the Bible, being firmly convinced of my salvation; so I did not talk to her any longer.

I was sorry not to have confirmed her words through the Bible at least once at that time, but I gave thanks to God for giving me one more chance to listen to the truth. I made up my mind to distinguish God’s will only on the basis of the Bible instead of men’s words.

All the truths of the Bible such as the existence of the soul, God’s feasts, and God the Mother were all amazing. Zion (WMSCOG) where God dwells was my true home where I had to go back. The more I studied the words of the Bible, the more I was moved by God’s love and His plan for my salvation. God had given me the chance to receive blessing, having pity on me who had longed for heaven, but I arrogantly closed my eyes and ears. Forgiving me, however, God sought me again.

After realizing God’s love, I thought I should not keep this truth to myself. I preached the gopsel to my family. Thankfully, my mother was born again as a child of God last spring. I hope I can share this happiness with the other members of my family, too, as soon as possible. Though their hearts are not open yet, I’m sure that someday they will listen to the voice of Heavenly Father and Mother calling them. To share the joy of salvation with my loving family members quickly, I will deliver Elohim God’s love to them diligently with good deeds shown by Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and Mother as examples.

MJ Kim from Kroea
9 Responses to “Elohim God who gives me more than one chance to be saved (WMSCOG)”
  1. I give thanks to Elohim God who gives eternal life.

  2. Heavenly Mother is the true source of the water of life and true comfort of our life.

  3. Everyone has three times of chance in whole life.
    But, not everyone can catch the chance.
    In that sense, I’m a lucky person.
    In my case, my 1’st chance is to meet God the Father and Mother.
    2nd chance is become a God’s children through the Passover.
    and 3rd chance is to preach the gospel as a worker of New covenant.
    I really give thanks to God, Elohim.

  4. When we believe God who came in the flesh we can receive salvation.
    And he is Christ Ahnsahnghong.

  5. Heavenly Father and Mother allow us to live this life for us to realize our sins, repent and go back to Heaven. I won’t waste this precious God- given time with worldly things.

  6. Your story gives me hope that members of my family will be blessed in Zion. I will diligently deliever love of Hevenly Mother to the people in the world.

  7. Wow. This is a touching fragrance of Zion. I appreciate Heavenly Mother for sparing no efforts to give us the forgiveness of sin and true happiness in Zion. And I will do my best for the success of my mission because I know our hope that our physical family members will be blessed with Elohim God’s grace in due time. :)

  8. I can feel everything that I’ve got came from Elohim God. I am so lucky.

  9. People try to find out the way to go heaven for a life time of them. I have already find it and catch this chance of salvation through Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother! Because they are the savior who lead us to the kingdom of Heaven.

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