I feel comfort in the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG)

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As I was going down the stairs carrying a stroller in difficulty to go outside with my baby,

right then, two middle-aged ladies who were passing by my house saw me in my challenging situation and quickly ran to help me out. Feeling thankful, I promised to treat them to tea next time. But when I met them again, I became cautious as I found out that they went to the World Mission Society Church of God. Actually, I had no idea about what kind of church the Church of God was. I just remembered that people spoke ill of my colleague who attended the Church of God.

Though I tried to ignore them, I happened to meet them frequently because of various reasons since we were in the same situation as mothers raising children. Unlike me who treated them coldly, they smiled at me warmly without change. As time passed by, I gradually came to like them and became interested in the Bible.

The more I learned about the Bible, the more confidence I had in the fact that the Church of God does everything according to the Bible. After getting rid of my doubts and prejudice, I could see what was right and wrong. Receiving the blessing of a new life with joy, I began my life of faith.

It was the greatest gift given to me in my life to know Zion (WMSCOG). It was because I could experience the ardent love of family which I had not been able to feel until then as well as I received the hope for heaven after meeting the true God. My parents passed away when I was two years old. My siblings were separated and I alone was taken in by my aunt. My aunt and uncle took care of me well, but even though I was young I always felt something was missing in my heart by the fact that they were not my direct family.

My loneliness got deeper after I moved out early because I didn’t want to be a burden to my aunt who earned a meager living.

It became much better after I started a family but I couldn’t help feeling sad from time to time. But my gloom disappeared completely as I received sincere love and care from Zion members.

I wanted to share God the Mother’s love which warmed my heart to the full with my husband. He came to Zion on the service day and he accepted the truth as soon as he studied the Bible. He said that there was nothing to deny, and came to Zion every day after work to study the words since then. On the day he went on a business trip to the countryside, I was concerned because he had to give service by himself. But he said confidently, “I am not alone since Heavenly Mother is with me,” which gave me much comfort.

A few months ago, the wife of my cousin became a heavenly family member. When we gathered on a holiday, I said that I was attending the Church of God. Then she showed her interest saying that she once heard the words from people who went to the Church of God. She accepted God after seeing the performance of the church orchestra. Now she keeps the regulations, studying the Bible whenever she can afford some time though she’s busy.

Whenever I saw the faith of my husband and of my cousin’s wife grow in the love of God, I remembered one friend in my school days who grew up in the similar situation as mine with the same pain. However, my guess that she would definitely depend on God because her life was tough turned out to be wrong. She had suffered much damage from a Protestant church whether knowingly or unknowingly, which made her refuse listening to even one word from the Bible. Yet, I could not give up on her.

I asked Zion members to pray for her. All the members prayed with one mind as if it was their own. Truly, the prayer must be a miraculous tool that brings God’s power. I preached to her later again and she opened her heart wide and received the truth as if she never refused it.

I hadn’t prayed for others or given thanks before. I couldn’t imagine that I would be the one giving something to someone else or sharing things with others; I only took care of myself. If I did not know Heavenly Father and Mother, I would have lived a self-centered life without knowing how to give or receive love. I would never have known how pitiful and pathetic my life was.

I give thanks to God Elohim for changing me with love and allowing me to live a life of sharing love. I will diligently practice good deeds which Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother showed to us as examples, until the whole world is filled with Mother’s warm love.

HH Noh from Korea
10 Responses to “I feel comfort in the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG)”
  1. We can find the true happiness and comfort in God only and the WMSCOG is very Zion where God dwells for all the feasts of God are celebrated in there. Thanks to Heavenly Father and Mother for guiding me to Zion!

  2. I am sure that Elohim God will lead your cousin’s wife to the Zion soon. Cheer up!

  3. Amen!
    Because WMSCOG is the only place where heavenly Father and heavenly Mother are, we can feel comfort and happiness!

  4. Amen. I will preach the Mother’s love to the whole world. And I will follow the mother’s example.

  5. Before I receive the truth, I didn’t have peace in my mind. I was busy every day, and got tired. But after I met truth, I receive the great love from Heavenly Father and Mother. I finally found the true happiness in my life after I received the truth.

  6. After I come to the church of God ,I could realize the true meaning of life in this world. And I realize that love of God is true. Thanks to Elohim God for me to understand how to share true love of God.

  7. our God comforts our soul and gives us the joy in Zion!

  8. If I were to know nothing about Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother, I’d live without hope. I give thanks to God Elohim !

  9. We can become beautiful person with Mother’s love!

  10. I try to preach God Elohim’s love to all who don’t know them.

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