Practice every single word from God the Mother

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On my way home together with my son,

I usually tell the same thing over and over again to him.

“Watch out for cars before you cross the road. When you walk on the street, look ahead so that you won’t fall down. When a car is passing by, keep out of the way.”

Whenever I say so, my son always gives me the same answer.

“I know. I know what you are saying, mom.”

“Then you should do it as the way you know. I say the same thing because you don’t do that. I’m worried you might be hurt.”

The conversation with my son always makes me look upon myself—how I was in my life of faith. I nod to Heavenly Mother’s words, thinking, ‘Yes, I know,’ but I used to fail to follow Her words; I look like my son. Every word of God the Mother is from Her love; She wants our souls to be safe and not to hurt. I will practice every single word from Mother so that She may not worry about me anymore.

SY Cho from Korea
17 Responses to “Practice every single word from God the Mother”
  1. As we have physical mother so we have spiritual Mother.
    Hevenly Mother is everlasting love♡

  2. Amen! To know is to act! I will also put Heavenly Mother’s teaching into practice.

  3. Every word in the bible is written by Elohim God’s love for us. We should follow just as our Father and Mother tell us to do, the we are surely going to be blessed!

  4. Teaching of Mother is my life ! :)

  5. Right! All we know quite well that every word from Heavenly Mother leads us to the right way to heaven.
    The thing is, we have difficulty practicing the teaching of Heavenly Mother. That’s the reason why Heavenly Mother gives us the same teaching repeatedly . We should deeply repent that.

  6. I feel ashamed of myself.. Indeed, Heavenly Mother has been giving us precious teachings a lot and through them we can live a new life but still there are many things I should change to be saved. I will try my hardest to put all Her teachings into practice so that I can please Heavenly Father and Mother.

  7. We sometimes don’t realize deeply in my mind about the words of Heavenly Mother, so She always worries about us. We have to follow Mother’s words and then we can go back to the Kingdom of Heaven with safety.

  8. Thanks to the god the mother for taking care of us..
    She always pray for our salvation ,.she do not give up us!
    So I follow our heavenly mother wherever she goes on that day.

  9. Heavenly Mother will not be burden to us. Because what Heavenly Mother wants is us. She is leading our souls only to make us safe. Thanks to Heavenly Mother, and i will practice every single word Mother has given us with thankful mind.

  10. I too failed to follow mothers words.
    But from now on I will try my best to follow Heavenly Mothers words!

  11. I just knew Heavenly Mother’s word but didn’t practice. So Heavenly Mother has always taught us repeatedly with love and patience. When thinking of her sacrifice, I should do mother’s teaching not just knowing it as a knowledge.

  12. Just as physical mother cares for us Heavenly Mother always cares for us. God shows us through mothers.Thanks to Elohim God.

  13. I also reflect on myself. I also always said I know. but I’ve not followed Heavenly Mother’s words and I did what I wanted. I’m really sorry to Her.

  14. Heavenly mother always gives us words. She always takes care of us.
    If we don’t follow mother’s saying, she will worry.
    I will follow mother’s words well!

  15. I too as a mother of three totally agree. Always telling my children the same thing over and over but when I look back on me Heavenly Mother tells the same thing over and over. I feel ashamed at the same time so grateful and glad to have a Mother like Heavenly Mother. Thank You so much Heavenly Mother.

  16. I will practice every word from Mother again and again!

  17. My physical mother always worried me likewise Heavenly Mother prays for me to go well to heaven! THANKS TO HEAVENLY MOTHER!

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