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wmscogElohim,” the plural noun of God, testifies about the existence of God the Father and God the Mother.?However, those who oppose the truth say, “Since Elohim is a plural masculine noun, there might be male Gods, but the insistence that there exists God the Mother is nonsense.”

Those people insist that God is a plural masculine noun, so Gods are male Gods. Then according to their point of view, since angel [Malak] is a masculine noun, all angels must be male, and since spirit [Ruah] is a feminine noun, all souls must be female.

Then, if their logic is correct, does it mean that only women have souls and men have no souls??Are all men’s soul female? Let’s analyze another inconsistency … If it is written that our souls will be like the angels in heaven at the resurrection (ref. Matt. 22:29-31) does it mean that female souls resurrected and who become angels will change their gender into male?

One more interesting fact is that God is written as “El” or “Eloah”; “Eloah” which is feminine noun, “El” which is a masculine noun, but when it comes to the spirit of God, it is written as “Ruah” which is a feminine noun. How can they explain this?

The insistence of the objectors comes from their ignorance. They insist that linguistic gender classification always reflects actual gender. The Korean language does not have gender classification for nouns, but in Hebrews, German, Spanish, there is gender classification which affects adjectives and verbs. Visible living things such as king and queen, son and daughter, os and sow show definite gender- male and female; however, when it comes to inanimate things such as mountain, earth, book etc.; which have no gender, it is just a matter of linguistic classification. Inanimate things do not have gender, but the reason why we apply gender is just to classify their gender linguistically, not to express their actual gender. Likewise, gender classification of nouns for invisible spiritual things is nothing but linguistic gender classification. How can we tell the gender of invisible things? Therefore, gender classification of invisible things does not express their real gender just like linguistic gender classification about inanimate things does not reflect real gender. “God” in Hebrews is a masculine noun, “soul” is a feminine noun, and “angel” is a masculine noun. Gender classification of nouns for invisible things is nothing but a linguistic gender classification, not an actual gender classification. Those who insist that “Elohim” can only mean male Gods, due to the plural form of the masculine noun, are saying so out of ?ignorance. They make uneducated statements without comprehending linguistic gender classification. Their lack of knowledge makes their argument pointless.

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  1. No matter which gender Elohim indicates linguistically, No one can deny that there are God the Father and God the Mother.
    Take a look at our images which came from God. (Gen 1:26~27) If God existed as only God the Father, Female couldn’t be from God.
    Male image is from Christ Ahnsahnghong and Female image is from God the Mother.

  2. When God created the man, in the image of God created the male and female.
    God have realized us the image of God through the principle of nature.
    The people who live In this world, there are only man and woman.
    No doubt anymore! Carefully read the bible, you can understand the God’ will.

    • Right ~!~
      How can we deny the existence of God the Mother as well as God the Father?
      When God created man , God shows us the image of God from the beginning.
      We can never excuse the existence of God the Mother.

  3. Amen! As long as the Bible testifies about God the Father and God the Mother,
    we can have salvation only through Elohim God.

  4. Thanks to Elohim God, God the father and God the mother!

  5. Thanks to Elohim God!!
    Even though some people say so, we are to listen to the voice of God through the bible.
    Whatever they say, God has always spoken through the bible.
    Genesis 1:27 [ So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him;
    male and female he created them. ]
    As you see, God has two images considering “male and female”. / man and woman !!!
    God created man in the image of God. ==> > > God the Father exists !! So natural !
    God created woman in the image of God ==> > God the Mother exists !! So clear !

    Furthermore, Gal 4:26 [ But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is oue mother. ]
    God Almighty teaches us that we have our spiritual Mother.
    So their insistence is opposite to God’s teaching.
    And , I wonder whether or not they keep the Sabbath[Lk 4:16], the Passover [Mt 26:17~28], and so on.

    • Even though we preach the teachings of Jesus, they don’t want to know the truth through the bible.
      How can they realize the truth of the bible?

  6. Well… I don’t know.
    Elohim isn’t two image of God. (The bible doesn’t show the word Elohim means God the Father and God the Mother)
    It is just Gods. (the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit)

    • With a correct understanding of the Holy Trinity, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is one–the male image of God. Trinity means “three equals one.” Therefore Elohim cannot refer to Father, Son and Holy Spirit since the Holy Trinity is one. Elohim must refer to more than one. That is why when humans were made “in the image of God,” male AND female were created: males in the likeness of the male image of God (Father/Son/Holy Spirit) and females in the likeness of the female image of God (Heavenly Mother).

  7. The word ” Elohim” is translated as Gods in English
    It refers to Heavenly Father and Havenly Mother.
    Let’s belive in heavenly mother who gives us life for our soul

  8. The Elohim God isn’t trinity.
    It’s diffrent…you shouldl believe God’s own words and check bible well.

  9. YellowCat let out a sigh of relief..
    It’s hard to know the Bible inside out..!

  10. Elohim means Gods, God the Father and God the Mother. we can surly know this fact from the gen. to rev.

  11. The bible definitely testifies about god the father & mother. Gal4:26 Gen1:26 etc…thanks to father & mother

  12. Interesting!! Elohim God and God the Mother?
    Some of my friends say to me the word, God the Father.
    I come to think about the existence of God the Mother while I read the explanation above.
    Now I think that saying God the Father is admitting the existence of God the Mother by his mouth.

  13. Elohim God? Furthermore, God the Mother?
    I have never heard about God the Mother. I have some christian friends. They never spoke about God the Mother !
    I cannot understand the existence of God the Mother well!
    If God the Mother exists, why do so many churches not believe in God the Mother?

  14. Even though God is written as “El” or “Eloah” which is a masculine noun why does they insist so?
    I think that they wanted to deny Gor the Mother’s existence.
    We must double check through the Bible what they tell always.

  15. God the Mother exists whatever they insist !!
    Those who insist that cannot deny the existence of their physical father and mother.
    So, they call their parents as ‘father and mother.
    It is the same with our spirits.
    In other words, our spirits came to exist by receiving spiritual lives through spiritual Father and Mother.
    The bible teaches us that without heavenly Father and Mother, we cannot receive eternal life and return to heaven.
    Gal 4:26[ But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother.]
    **** This is the precious message for us from Elohim God !! *****

  16. Thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother!!
    I have one question!
    [Anyhow, our spirits exist! About this they cannot deny! If they deny, they have nothing to do with this problem!
    The existence of our spirits means that there must exist the creator of our spirits even though it was not written in the bible!
    Considering their insistence, I wonder what they will say if such thing is not written in the bible.

  17. Amen~!! No matter how many times they try to hinder about Our God Elohim ; our Father and our Mother,
    They never can change this truth since the Bible says that if it is from God, No one can stop it.
    Thanks to Father and Mother for letting us to realize all the truths of the Bible.

  18. I can understand the existence God the Mother

  19. Galatians 4:26 But the Jerusalem above is free and she is our Mother.

    We have a Mother is Heaven. This is more clear than water. We have a Father in heaven, and in heaven only God can be called Father, then who is our Mother in heaven? She is our God

    To me is so clear, but not because I am smart, but beacuse our true God Almighty Christ Ahnsahnghong came to this earth in 1948 and revealed the existence of the most precious being who makes my soul be overwhelmed in an unexpressible joy, my Heavenly Mother God, Jerusalem of love.

    Thank you so much Heavenly Father Christ Ahnsahnghong

  20. Was heavenly mother revealed by God Almighty Christ Ahnsahnghong? I wonder ~.

  21. jerusalem144000 says:

    As you found, those who oppose the truth insist that only God the Father exists.
    However, they insist such thing, claiming that their theories are based on the bible.
    Then, what does the bible say?
    Gal 4:26[ But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother. ]
    This is written in the bible as the word of God Almighty.
    You can easily find that “mother” in Gal 4:26 does not mean physical, but spiritual!!
    This is enough to testify about the existence of God the Mother, isn’t it?

    • IF we don’t believe the bible, How can we believe in God the father?
      Our God the father let us know the existence of God the Mother through the bible.
      Naturally we should believe in God the Mother.

  22. Why did God make man in his own image ? He can make man in another image.
    and then male and female was made from God’s image.
    Think about it ! Carefully. we can clearly understand God’s will .
    He let us know that God the father and God the Mother exist from the beginning.
    Our father and our mother is always with us . Thanks to God.

  23. I heard that even doctors of Theology do not know about this secret hidden in Gen. 1:26-27.
    The Bible clearly testifies that male and female were created by the images of Elohim God and as we have spiritual Father, we do have spiritual Mother, God the Mother.
    We should seek and come to our Father and Mother to receive the water of life in this age of Holy Spirit!

  24. I don’t know about linguistic clarifications of nouns and I don’t think it’s important, but the most important thing is what the Bible says.

  25. This truth is too perfect. Perfect street corner can be looked at from the 1st floor of a building to a 100th floor. Although it looks different as you go up on the different levels, it doesn’t change the fact that it is what it is. Elohim God exisits from Everlasting to Everlasting regardless if people slander or not. Its the truth! I hope Father and Mother opens their eyes just like they did with Apostle Paul.

  26. When we study the bible, sometime cannot fully understand the contents.
    The providence of God is so deep, a lot of hard to understand.
    So God came to the earth by himself and teach us all of the bible.

  27. Whatever U say, U cannot deny that life is given through father and mother, containing yourself !
    This is God’s will who created the whole universe.
    Whatever U call them, your spiritual Parents are to exist.

  28. It was very surprising to hear about Elohim God!!
    I’ve never heard about Elohim God until that time.
    However, when I found thru the bible, I was very surprised.
    Now, I’m full of hope of returning to heavenly home.
    Thanks to Elohim God, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother!!

  29. I’m so happy to believe in Elohim God!
    I’ve met my heavenly Father and Mother.
    Now, I hope to return to heaven with God the Mother.
    How about joining heavenly family??

  30. I think that the bible is God’s teachings for our salvation.
    Elohim God created all things, and gave us the bible.
    The book of Galatians is also from Elohim God.
    Gal4:26[ But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother.]
    As you know, ‘Mother’ in Gal 4:26 does not mean your physical mother, but spiritual Mother !!
    The bible tell us that God the Father and God the Mother give us salvation!!

  31. We must not deny the bible, the teachings of God!
    God clearly said that he created us in the image of God!!
    The expression ‘God the Father’ is also says that God the Mother exists!!

  32. Elohim God means male Gods??
    Then, what’s the difference between Adam and Eve?
    Furthermore, Eve is male considering ‘in the image of God’?
    Their insistence is a slander toward truth!!

  33. I was very surprised at the existence of God the Mother a few years ago!
    Even before baptism, I’ve heard about Adam and Eve. At that time, I thought that Adam and Eve were created by God and that’s all. However, when I found the true meaning thru the bible, the existence of God the Mother is so natural.
    Elohim God! We are to receive Elohim God!!

  34. naomiwatts87 says:

    GOd is two image. male and female… wow… it’s so fantastic.

  35. orangemango says:

    Do we have only male Gods?- No Way!

    We need to find out who our Savior is so we could get the eternal life….but HOW??

    ———————> only through the Bible and its prophecies! :)

  36. The bible testified God the father and God the mother. Elohim god only give us the eternal life.

  37. Gal 4:26[But the Jerusalem that is above is free and she is our mother.]
    Have you ever read this “through the Bible”?
    As you know, the Bible is from God!!

  38. Elohim God means the plural noun of God. Then Elohim God is Chirst Ahnsahnghong and God the mother.

  39. Before God let us know the truth of the bible , we can never realize the God the Mother as well as God the father.
    Christ Ahnsahnghong is the second coming Jesus who leads us to God the Mother who is source of eternal life.
    Thanks to Our Elohim God.

    • Yes. In order to know Elohim God, we must study the bible.
      First of all we have to meet the true God who testify in the bible.
      You can find the savior who give us eternal life through the new covenant Passover.

  40. jerusalem144000 says:

    God the Father and God the Mother!
    You are to keep in mind that Elohim God are even your spiritual Parents.
    We are to receive Elohim, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for returning to heavenly home!!!

  41. It’s funny how they pick and choose to prove their nonsense.
    The whole bible testifies to God the Mother. So it’s impossible to deny Her.
    But they always try.

  42. So by their interpretation, God is male on the outside and female within? Wow that’s a new one thats gonna be really hard explain. But knowing them they will pull something out and throw it on table. It’s all hogwash, God the Father and God the Mother they are one essentially, yet two Father and Mother. Then I can see that in since man is the major role in the bible and as Adam meant also Eve, the male dominance can be a big part of the gender in nouns.

    But in now way does this disprove the existance of our Father and Mother.

  43. *Ouch* I am relieved that female exists! :) How could we possibly live without our God the Mother? I don’t even want to think about those days when I didn’t know the existence about Heavenly Mother. Thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for not making me to interpret the Bible with “my own” knowledge.

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