The Church of God Does Not Tell All Information to New Members?

World Mission Society Church of God

[False Claim]

The Church of God does not make known everything to new members from the beginning. Things like, “It needs personal time to study the Bible,” “Members must keep the Sabbath fully,” and “Tithes” are taught lastly. Since the church does not make known all information from the beginning, new members cannot make the right decision and are deceived.



1. The example of parents

Parents do not teach their children everything that their children should do when they become adults all at once. As children grow, parents teach them one by one. Does that mean parents are deceiving their children?


2. The example of Jesus

When Jesus called His disciples, did He teach them from the beginning that they would be hated by all because of His name? Or did He teach them from the beginning that they should preach, preparing themselves to be martyred? No.
Jesus helped their faith grow while being with them for three years. He let them have a firm faith gradually, and finally made them workers with great faith who did not even mind being martyred.
According to their insistence, Jesus who was willing to suffer on the cross to save humankind also deceived His disciples. Therefore, their claim is wrong.

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  1. angellight140 says:

    Gosh.. I guess they don’t consider God as their spiritual parents at all. Otherwise, why would they even think up of such a claim? Why would Jesus teach us to first baptize, teach them to obey His commands? Every purpose has a procedure to be taken to fulfill. It is a simple fact that even a little child learns from his surroundings. If you have the purpose to gain your salvation, you would definitely follow the procedures. I guess they are just frustrated because the World Mission Society Church of God is increasing in number.

    • No matter what, all teachings of the World Mission Society Church of God comes from the words of God. They don’t even have a single teaching that comes from the Bible. Why waste your time listening to their clueless claims?

  2. Jesus taught His disciples and told them to teach all mankind just as how He taught them. Their claim just sounds like, “I want to do whatever I want to, and do whenever I can.” They consider God’s words as a burden. This means that they have no humble minds to follow Jesus’ footsteps. They do not consider themselves as sinners but the righteous ones. And about deceiving, aren’t they the ones deceiving the people as if they are following God’s words to gain eternal life? They neglect the steps to be taken and talk as if they received salvation. Their words are way in front of God’s words. How arrogant and immature are their claims!

    • They do not want others to gain salvation. That’s what they are claiming. If they do care, they would follow Jesus’ words of how to teach others for them to gain salvation. Before I came to the World Mission Society Church of God, I didn’t even know what to do in the church. All they were doing were partying and singing and dancing without no goal or purpose of salvation. So I started to think, “do they even care if I end up in hell?” But the World Mission Society Church of God surely told me how to receive blessings, and it was right out of the words of God.

  3. When a person is baptized, he is reborn spiritually.
    In other words, he is a baby in the aspect of spirits.
    So it’s natural to learn from beginning.

  4. Those who believe in God for the first time like as a young children or baby.
    I think that teach all things step by step as much as they can understand.
    And we can not be saved in a moment. For example lets see the history of old Testament.
    The Israelites lived in the desert during 40 years for enter the Ganaan.
    It is necessary to time of change our spirit like as God’s character.

  5. Amazing… The more they slander the more I believe!

  6. I think the slanderers should have had respect for other religion before criticizing unless they had been joking.

  7. Before slandering the truth and distort all about the Church of God,
    they would better keep what God asks them to do for their salvation.
    They do not even keep the Sabbath, which is a basic step to obey God.
    I mean, what are they doing really? I feel they just waste their precious time doing
    meaningless and silly stuff against the truth.

  8. do they really think they are right and Church of God is wrong?
    they just try to find something different about WMSCOG from them anf keep arguing
    it is all wrong.
    Do they think they are God or something? how dare can they try to judge WMSCOG
    without the words of God? so arrogant. shame on them!

  9. jerusalem144000 says:

    Just for slandering Christ Ahnsahnghong?
    If SO, they are definitely having NOTHING to do with eternal heavenly kingdom!

  10. WMSCOG is just teaching everything step by step to new members and finally let them known of everything taught by Christ Ahnsahnghong.

    • Exactly! We must follow the steps to fully understand and digest God’s words. His words = Spiritual food for us.

  11. I wanna ask to the one who deceive WMSCOG
    Then, do all of churches teach all to New Member at first time, first day?
    I think that No !!
    Then, Why do you who deceive WMSCOG say so to Wmscog?
    I can’t understand with my knowledge !

  12. If their insistence is true then that means we can neither listen to Jesus or Apostle Paul (John 16:12, Hebrew 5:11) because they withheld information from the disciples. Their claim makes absolutely no sense. Thanks to Father and Mother who have led us with all wisdom and Understanding :)

  13. Mother of love! says:

    A baby is born and they know how to read, run, walk and so on? No,, not at all! A baby is born and little by little they learn all they need according to their age! Is the same spiritually!

  14. I just can’t understand their insistence.
    The Church of God teaches the truth like baptism, the feast, God the mother for the first time rather than hide.
    And what is the criteria of beginning?
    If someone decided that he/she became the member of Church, the church had to teach everything on the spot??
    It doesn’t make sense!
    Everything has the time and procedure.
    So, as the member’s spiritual state, teacher needs to organize the contents.
    We called the procedure “curriculum.”

  15. At first, we cannot learn everything! No one!
    Step by step!
    They are to stop just slandering!

  16. Think of Christ Jesus and His disciples!
    Christ Jesus did not teach everything in a day.
    For example, the New Covenant Passover was allowed just before His death!!

  17. The reason they write this is because though they study the bible , they don’t believe in Christ Ahnsahnghongnim and Heavenly Mother which is clearly testified in the bible.
    And the ultimate reason is they love Money and this world more than God.
    Just like the richman in the bible who could not be saved because he regarded his wealth more than Jesus who is God. Matt 19:16-24

  18. Did everybody here check out the site, examining ?

  19. I saw how their “stories” were revealed to be lies. They’re ex members bent on revenge. They twist any thing they can get their hands on and use it against the Father and Mother.

  20. Steve Hassan (self proclaimed) cult expert is one of their leaders, what a joke. No wonder all their so called evidence is so twisted and full of lies. Cult experts form their own oppinions judgements and standards. We use the bible, they use Steve Hassan. Completely lost.

    • Jeffrey Andres Silvederio says:

      They rely on Satan and his [Satan’s] people and not on God.
      They are just like those who accused Daniel and his friends, they are like Haman, and they are like the Pharisees; and in the end, they were all destroyed.

    • No kidding. They think Steve Hassan knows everything about the World Mission Society Church of God. 😛 His claims are clueless which surely proves that he is wrong, and all their claims are wrong. Not a cult expert, but a lying expert.

  21. We have to stick to the bible. Saying we aren’t up front with people is very immature. Just looking at these comments of theirs makes me wish for Father’s return to be quicker even more and more. It’s quite sad how satan has them go against the bible in every word.

  22. It’s silly, even when we think of the principles of this world, in school teachers don’t teach preschool, college easements, 2000 yrs ago Jesus said Mt 28:20, teach them to obey every thing I command, which means its a learning process, also babies you wouldn’t feed a steak! Why? They couldn’t swallow. They only feed on baby food Paul understood this He 5:13-14, for our salvation asks us if we have any questions

  23. It’s silly, even when we think of the principles of this world, in school teachers don’t teach preschool, college easements, 2000 yrs ago Jesus said Mt 28:20, teach them to obey every thing I command, which means its a learning process, also babies you wouldn’t feed a steak! Why? They couldn’t swallow. They only feed on baby food Paul understood this He 5:13-14, for our salvation WMSCOG asks us if we have any questions

  24. up up and away! says:

    Actually our church displays our whole truth on our website, even about Father and Mother, what bigger information or “study” would there be. Also how do they expect us to tell them all things, write a list? It would take months for them to read it. This is the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard.

  25. We have the right to teach our truth anyway our Father and Mother wants us to, If we want to teach it in steps,
    that is the right of our Father and Mother, to even have to give an answer to this comment is rediculous.

  26. Even Jesus taught in steps, and so did the Apostles, people these days, they are so self centered. If you don’t like don’t come. Plain and simple.

  27. Que excusa mas absurda, apena un ni?o recien nacido sabe que para obtener un resultado debe hacer algun esfuerzo o sacrificio. He escuchado y, con toda razon: “Sin dolor, sin sacrificio, sin sufrimiento; Dios NUNCA soplara VIDA en nosotros”…..El apostol Pablo y todos nuestros antepasados de la fe tuvieron un muy buen entendimiento acerca de este asunto. Que sepan ellos, los que se oponen y difaman nuestra Iglesia, que nuestra fe supera a la de nuestros antepasados y que no hay fuerza alguna que nos haga desviar de esta verdad tan perfecta.-

  28. Do they teach everything to their little new-born baby?
    As things go in this physical way, so does the spritual world.
    Everybody is different in the depth of belief in gospel but the important thing is whether to follow God’s laws and to become a beautiful one rather than to know everything.

  29. How childish! Then, I just want to ask the same question to those slanderers.
    What about them? I really wonder if they tell every information about their churches inside and out?!
    They do not know what is important and what to focus on.
    I hope they stop doing those meaningless effort and try to seek and find the truth so they could also receive the salvation by following the true Savior in this age of the Holy Spirit.

  30. jerusalem144000 says:

    I agree with Angella K,.
    They cannot do as they insist. Who can learn everything at a time???? Do U???

  31. Who can introduce us all about something by just one time.
    Jesus also taught apostles all things of the gospel one by one for 3years half.
    They couldn’t understand Jesus.

  32. Wow…this is so childish. I just wanna ask the same question to them.
    Do they really get informed every single thing in their church?
    Even if it is right, what does that affect to the salvation to enter the kingdom
    of heaven??
    Soooooooo childish.

  33. So, what is the point?
    what does that do with the salvation to enter the kingdom of heaven?
    Do they know everything even on their families?
    If not, then their families are fake or wrong or what?
    they seriously keep arguing without a certain point….what would God think about them?- I am so wondering…

  34. Wow that’s how you can see their intentions… Because there is nothing in this world that is taught and explained in one day. Do we learn all about Physics the first day? Would we understand everything the first day of Calculus if the Professor told us point blank everything?? No! Everything we learn in this world is obviously learned in steps. Baby steps. Why then do they complain about our Church’s teaching?

    They clearly did not learn and realize that we are the true Church and we have true Creator God, our Father and Mother.

  35. jerusalemwmscog says:

    They are just speaking against World Mission Society Church of God, not for the truth!
    They do not know everything concerning themselves!

  36. Since I was baptized in WMSCOG, whatever I wanted to know for the Bible was answered- as long as I spare time!

  37. What I want to know were all answered in WMSCOG!
    What is needed for salvation is written in the Bible!

  38. In WMSCOG, if U want to know more, then, U can learn them as long as U try!

  39. I love all teachings which is given by Elohim God.
    Thanks to God.

  40. If the Church of God does not teach something to new members on purpose, that’s the problem.
    but I can’t see any problem with teaching everything to new members step by step.

  41. well.. the purpose of the existence of the bible is to lead us to the kingdom of heaven and the first thing what i’ve learnt from the church of god was about how to receive the eternal life to enter the kingdom of heaven. So now I guess there’s nothing more required to say about this meaningless insistence.

  42. False claims against the WMSCOG makes no sense, so I agree with this blog, I like the examples parents and Jesus. It’s so true. Little by little, step by step, I knew God made order on this earth for a reason. But really, the WMSCOG teachings comes directly from the bible, NOONE can really can’t say anything about that.

    Sabbath- in the bible
    Passover- in the bible
    Feast of God- in the bible
    Tithes – in the bible

    Everything WMSCOG teaches…. is in the bible! But these false claims…THERE NOT! Ask them “Can you show me in the bible?” if they can’t then please think about what is there purpose…

  43. They didn’t say depending on the word of God in the bible. It doesn’t make sense.

  44. Everything has its own step n progress. Like parents care baby:)

  45. It is so sure. nobody tell all information at first.
    Does a teacher teaches study all at first?
    Mathmatics teacher teaches addition to an equation to people who learn mathmatics first time?

  46. What parents would give adult food to baby? Same as spiritually, To Spiritual babies need step by step. That is why WMSCOG teaches step by step!

  47. Amen! Everything has it’s proper time. God will make us know when it’s time come.

  48. How can we know everything all at once!! so it makes time to understand the teaching of God.

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