The First Penguin of the Gospel work (WMSCOG)

Pictured by christahnsahnghong, First Peguin jumping into the waterWhile searching the Web, I came across the word “the first penguin.” This is what it means: When the penguins in the South Pole go out to the sea for hunting, they hesitate to jump into the sea for the fear of their enemies in the water.

They all hesitate, standing on the ice, but then when one of them jumps into the sea, all the other penguins also jump in. The first penguin that jumps into the sea is called “the first penguin.”

This word is also used to describe pioneers who bravely go and explore new areas. In the world of faith, the gospel workers who overcome fear and cultivate spiritual wastelands are like the first penguin.

I would also like to become “the first penguin of the gospel” that has courage and boldness, and participate in the work of Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother at the frontline.

SH Park from Korea
2 Responses to “The First Penguin of the Gospel work (WMSCOG)”
  1. like the first penguin, I will delivery the truth of God to people. So I wish that so many souls realize our saviors, God the Father and God the Mother and then go back to the kingdom of heaven together.

  2. I think first penguin is true leader. We already have a true leader. He preached the gospel of the new covenant first among the people who was ignoring the words about the Passover. Our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother has open the way of preaching the truth and we are able to preach as following Them. Thanks to Elohim God!

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