The role of God the Mother

Pictured by, Mother and children playing with a autumn leave

Earlier this year,

I took my mother to Florida where my younger siblings lived, because she was unable to travel by herself. When I arrived, I found out that my brothers and sister were not getting along, and that they had not spoken to each other for over a year though they lived in the same city.

After staying there for a month, I came back to San Diego. I was unsure if their relationships could be mended again. My mother stayed there in Florida with my brothers and sister longer. After about seven months, she returned to San Diego.

When my mother came back, she said that all of my brothers and sister were getting along again and working together, running their family-owned business. Thanks to my mother, whatever problems they had, they put them all aside and became united. I believe that my mother’s love and words of encouragement opened the hearts of my brothers and sister.

I think it would be the same spiritually. We who committed sins in heaven do not know how to love. However, through our Heavenly Mother’s presence on this earth, we are able to become the heavenly family; and in the love of God the Mother, we can become united. I truly give everlasting praises and thanks to our New Jerusalem Mother for allowing us to become one again through all Her love and sacrifice in Zion (WMSCOG).

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  1. We can also unite and harmonize with heavenly brothers and sisters through the love of Heavenly Mother. If we don’t have God the Mother, we may have trouble with each other. We have to love each other and realize the love and sacrifice of God the Mother. Thanks to Mother to take care of Us.

  2. Just as mother’s role is very important for the peace and unification of family,we heavenly siblings can also become united by the God the Mother.

  3. Because of Heavenly mother’s love, we can be united more and more.
    Also, our unite makes mother happy.
    Sisters and brothers! Let’s do love one another and give pleasant to heavenly mother!♡

  4. No family can be happy without harmony among its members.
    So mother is the master key that unties different family members in a family.
    Our Heavenly Mother is an emblem of peace to heavenly children like ‘Jerusalem’ means ‘Peace’ in the Bible.
    No peace and happiness without our Heavenly Mother.
    We love U , Mother!

  5. There is nothing greater than Mother’s love in the world.
    Likewise we have spiritual Mother that the Bible testifies.
    Our heavenly Mother is wondrous love.

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