The trees beside the mother tree do not wither (WMSCOG)

Pictured by christahnsahnghong, Mother treeWatching a documentary film about vitality and motility of plants,

I found out many new things. Even though plants do not seem to move, they are moving. The roots are moving to take nourishment, which looks as if animals are groping for food.

Trees in the forest are competing to get more sunlight, and small trees which are dragged behind are even dried up. Among many trees, however, there is a mother tree giving love to other trees.

Using its big roots, the mother tree gives nourishments to small trees that fail to have enough sunlight and aren’t fed well. Of course, those who are beside the mother tree do not wither.

The love of Heavenly Mother toward all things in the world is even reflected in the life of plants. Through everything in the world—animals and even plants, I can see God the Mother’s deep love.

JE Park from Korea
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